Social Studies

These curriculum materials coincide with the Pennsylvania: Our People, Places and Past series by Dr. Randall A. Pellow.

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Implementation Guide:

(Unit 1) Chapter 1: Location, Physical Features and Regions of Pennsylvania
Chapter Introduction Organizer:

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

(Unit 2) Chapter 4: Native Americans of Pennsylvania

Internet Scavenger Hunts about Native American Tribes:

Lessons 1 and 2:

Review before Quiz:

Unit 2 Study Guide:

(Unit 3) Chapter 5: The Colony of Pennsylvania

Lesson 1:

Lesson Reviews for Unit 3:

Study Guide:

End of Chapter Millionaire Game

(Unit 4) Chapter 6: The Start of a New Nation

Lesson Reviews for Unit 4:
(Lessons 1 & 2)

7 Continents Practice-
**7 Continents Quiz**